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All the orders are processed through our reseller element5. Payment options include Credit Cards , Paypal, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Check etc. If you do not wish to order online, then you can either buy through one of our resellers in your country or through purchase order.

Delivery of Product:

Delivery of our software products is automated. You will receive an email containing download link to the full version of the product and activation keys with in 15 minutes of your purchase.

Significant Features of Kernel file Shredder:

  • Shreds files and folders, Recycle Bin content, temporary system files, free disk space, and useless files in within few minutes.
  • Integrated with advanced shredding algorithms such as Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), DoD 5220 + Peter Gutmann, US Army Ar380-19 (3 Passes), and German VSITR (7 Passes).
  • Self descriptive GUI features helps to perform hassle free shredding.
  • Supports all file formats such as .exe, .jpg, .doc, .txt, and .png for shredding.
  • Offers options to shred files and folders either manually or automatically.
  • Included with software lock password so that no one can illegally use it.
  • Supports all Windows OS platform.
  • Available with free trial version.
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Kernel File Shredder
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Kernel File Shredder US $ 29 Single User License Add to Cart
Current Version: 11.04.01
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